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Why you should prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

  I am a “Zombie Enthusiast”. As such, I am frequently looking for the next fun item to attatch to my zombie utility belt or stuff into my zombie ready “Go Bag”. Not everyone comes prepared though, and when the infection hits, a lot of people will be caught with their pants down. Or their […]


Being a professional entertainer has some drawbacks. Sure people tend to idolize the lifestyles of the rich and famous, pouring envy all over the burrito of success like green sauce at Don Tortaco, but it isn’t all excitement and beans. First off the pay has a totally wacked out curve, at this moment, I have […]

My Man Blaze

A good friend of mine, Blaze, is a local Hip Hop artists. He has some impressive beats, and an awesome sound. So in order to show him my respect for his true dedication to the arts, I wrote him this song. Now, originally, I was going to keep it private and just let him here […]

Flower based poetry

One of the bloggers I am currently following Lizbeth Wright, has published a poem, based on a list of flowers. It is part of her writer’s workshop. I decided to participate, and even record my poem using Sound Cloud.  Unfortunatly, my song is poorly rehearsed, and my budget allows me to use my cell phone […]

Today is a Tuesday, and everyone likes Jelli

With each new project I decide to undertake, I realize how few hours I have in a single day. I have full faith that humanity will come to solve my dillemma, but until then, I will just have to rely on my ability to tape stuff together poorly, like a ball of paperclips. So that […]

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To Be Aware

It's all about disbelieving your thoughts


When will we ever learn?: Common sense and nonsense about today's public schools in America.

The Jiggly Bits

...because life is funny.


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