Flower based poetry

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One of the bloggers I am currently following Lizbeth Wright, has published a poem, based on a list of flowers. It is part of her writer’s workshop. I decided to participate, and even record my poem using Sound Cloud.  Unfortunatly, my song is poorly rehearsed, and my budget allows me to use my cell phone as recording equipment.

Here is Lizbeth’s list of flowers

Bells of Ireland
Calla Lily
Lily Stargazer
Lace Fern
Statice Blue

Women of Amaryllis

As I open the doors to Amaryllis,
I hear the Bells of Ireland,
Caspian women come to join us,
and Miss Calla Lily catches my eye.

Lily, Stargazer of the troop.
Refused to let me,
stick it in where she poop.
So I left her for the burn,
given to me,
by Miss Lady Lace Fern,
and after she learned
our love wasn’t true,
I got some antibiotics,
and went with Miss Statice Blue,
But I was warned about Miss Blue’s vagina,
as it had been rumored to be filled with Saxicola,
And as she screamed at me to go faster,
I learned her flower of choice was Solidaster

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