My Man Blaze

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A good friend of mine, Blaze, is a local Hip Hop artists. He has some impressive beats, and an awesome sound. So in order to show him my respect for his true dedication to the arts, I wrote him this song. Now, originally, I was going to keep it private and just let him here it, but that asshole hasn’t returned my calls in a week, so I don’t mind forcing all of you lovely people to enjoy me LD sounds!


My man Davis is a big fat cunt
He likes to take it,
Up the rump.

This dick sucker
shows no fear
so all you other hip hop singing mother fuckers
get outta here!

His rhymes are tight,
He’ll lay ‘em down right

He’ll break your ass

with lyrical delight.

Blaze aint no G
ain’t no wana be,
just a hip hop artist,
with methodology

So don’t even try

to compete

Blaze has already

got you beat                                                                                                                                 



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  1. Teeny Bikini

    Hey there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. That was awesome. Have fun on your journey. Cheers.

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