Why you should prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

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I am a “Zombie Enthusiast”. As such, I am frequently looking for the next fun item to attatch to my zombie utility belt or stuff into my zombie ready “Go Bag”.

Not everyone comes prepared though, and when the infection hits, a lot of people will be caught with their pants down. Or their brains open.
Essentially they will not be ready for what will happen next.

There are many ways to prepare for the outbreak. There are tons of books available for your consumption. Like the Zombie Survival Guide, or even a new piece of literature coming out by Lizbeth Wright.  You can also get yourself armed, guns and baseball bats are an interesting way to decorate your hallway for easy to access weapons.  But remember, melee weapons don’t run out of bullets.
Keep in mind your mode of transportation, as cars use gas, and the streets might be pretty packed for travelling outside the city.

Plotting out points on a map, and having multiple meet up locations for specific scenarios can also keep you and your friends ready for the next major outbreak.

But my favorite way to prepare, has to be the was Z Pro Windows did it.

They are targeting the Post-Apocolyptic market, and they are advertising to you today.

The concept makes sence, there are enough people out there who might actually want to prepare their homes to withstand a zombie outbreak, and with 12/20/2012 coming up, the industry will start booming. There are just enough supporters to put together a small fortune, and enough nay-sayers to realize the magnitude of potential zombies.

It doesn’t hurt to be prepared, in most cases you will be ready for any of the more likely natural disasters, like massive floods, gigantic earthquakes, or the second coming of christ.

What do you think of getting ready for Z Day?

“Since the outbreak, there have been many companies out there trying to take advantage of you,
You have heard them broadcast threats and attempts to coax you with fear,
Here at Z Pro Windows, we are about trust.
Trust us to make your home safe again,
Trust us to keep your family safe,
Trust us
Z Pro Windows”

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